It has been a weekend filled with terrible movies. Wait, does that mean KC is my lucky charm when it comes to movies? Damn it. This is not good news. 
KC and his friend R are minion fans... so much so that they keep spamming me on fb with the minion stickers. While I don't even remember them from Despicable Me. We wanted to watch this movie but there has not been enough time. I watched it on Friday evening alone. 

The movie is a prequel and shows that the minions were the earliest guys on the planet. They were forever in search of a villain to serve and it always ended up in the villain getting killed or pissed with them because of their histrionics. The 3 minions- Bob, Kevin and Stuart set off from their home to look for the world's greatest villain and come across Scarlet at Villain-Con and are picked to be her "minions".

I left after that because I was so bored. I love animated movies but this one is neither funny nor cute. Even though the plot sounds nice, it is terrible on screen. I am still baffled by how such cute creatures can be made boring. It takes special talent, doesn't it? 


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