Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayi

It has been a Rahul Roy weekend. Since I watched Aashiqui 2, I wanted to watch the original one. When I think about Rahul Roy, how can I not watch Phir Teri Kahan Yaad Aayee again?
I had a hard time finding a torrent. Why isn't there a site for torrents of Bollywood movies? I have not been able to find torrents of 'Hip Hip Hurray' and 'Banegi Apni Baat'. Anyone remember these serials? Anyway, I had to watch the flick on youtube. The print was awful... but what to do. I didn't want to buy a CD for a one time watch. Why isn't there a website where you can pay to watch a movie? I should start something like that.

Coming to the movie, I loved it. The songs are so damn awesome. We don't make music like that anymore... timeless. The story is about a guy who falls in love with a girl at an ashram. He is a recovering alcoholic while she is a little mad. It all happens in flashback. The movie begins with Rahul receiving a call from Pooja.. and he is shocked... she is in a mental hospital in Bangalore. There is also Pooja Bedi who loves Rahul but he does not feel the same way. Rahul tells her his love story. Pooja has a mental disorder which is hereditary and can be kept in control through medicines. But she refuses medicines... and has hallucinations of someone trying to kill her. She thinks Rahul is trying to kill her... poison her... after many such episodes, Rahul has no option but to agree with Pooja's grandfather and send her off to the mental hospital.
Rahul gets the news that the mental hospital has burned down... he rushes to Bangalore and meets Pooja.. she is alive and was the one who burned the place while trying to escape. Rahul and Pooja run away with the cops, her grandfather at their heels. They try to send her off to the hospital again and she ends up killing herself.

Apparently, the movie is based on Mahesh Bhatt's relationship with Parvin Babi. She was also suffering from a genetic mental disorder. Pooja Bhatt is excellent as a mentally ill person. She is a damn good actress and very versatile too.... unlike most of our actresses today.
Rahul Roy is a natural. I love his hair... his voice... he has to play a complex character and does so effortlessly.

And there is a kissing scene... a genuine smooch... not those fake kiss on the lips.

You have to watch it!!!


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