I have read articles and articles about the Aarushi Talwar case and Avirook Sen's book on the subject and am convinced that the parents did not get a fair trial. I am also inclined to believe they are innocent for the simple reason that- if I was to commit a murder, I wouldn't hide the bodies in my own house. Especially the servant's because then the blame could be pinned on him. And I definitely wouldn't leave a bottle with blood prints on the table in full view. 

I was reading the reviews for this movie and everyone has mentioned that the movie tries to put forward two cases- one in which Talvars are guilty and another in which they are not. They also comment on how the movie is kind of biased and sympathetic to the Talwars. 

Anyone who has gone through the details of what happened will naturally be sympathetic to the Talwars. A parent killing his/her child is a rarest of the rare case and hence it becomes the judiciary's responsibility to ensure that the evidence is water tight to prove them guilty. 

Anyway, coming to the movie- it starts with Shruti's (Aarushi) death and covers everything that happens till the case is argued in the court. I don't think a 3 hour movie can cover every event and there is enough meat and drama in the investigation itself. Konkona Sen Sharma plays Nutan Tandon (based on Nupur Talwar) and Neeraj Kabi plays Ramesh Tandon (based on Rajesh Talwar). The reason the media started doling out conspiracy theories was that they didn't like it when Nupur Talwar gave an exclusive interview to NDTV. They pointed to the fact that she didn't cry on camera and hence, was the murderer. That part is missing in the movie. It feels like Konkona didn't know how to play the character. Should she be stoic but not too stoic but soft and yet not too soft? Neeraj Kabi does remind one of Rajesh Talwar or atleast what I have read of him. Irrfan Khan plays the first CBI officer who had put forward the theory through narco tests that the servants and compounder killed Shruti (Aarushi) and Khempal (Hemraj) but wasn't given enough time to find proof. He was then removed from the case and replaced by another guy who started investigating the Talwars/Talvars instead. Tabu plays Irrfan's wife but that track is unnecessary. Tabu is looking quite ugly because she has applied loads of make up to hide her wrinkles. 

I found it painful to watch the movie and was hoping they had changed the ending or something. But that was not to be. Even with all its flaws the movie makes an impact. I think it could have been much, much better. Even a not-so-great Hollywood documentary would have been able to cover this case better but by Bollywood standards, it is a must watch. 

A good job done by Meghna Gulzar and Vishal Bharadwaj. Now if only the courts would take note. 


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