Cyber Bully

I watched this movie on Netflix. I had planned to deactivate the account but I think am going to continue. 
The world we grew up in is very different from the one the current generation has to deal with. I started using the Internet when I was 17 years of age. Speaking to strangers in chat rooms was my initiation into the World Wide Web. It was an innocent time and I mostly met decent human beings online. My first experience of bullying was on my blog- I have written a post about it. But apart from that, the Internet was a better place than real life. We are different people on the Internet- either nicer or meaner. But different. It is easier to say what you think behind the cloak of anonymity. My entire life is on my blog for people to see but I can delete it anytime I want. And there is no guarantee what am saying is the truth. 

Things are different now. See the comments section of any video/article/blog and you will read abuses. The other day a 18/21 years old girl on Twitter was complaining about 13 years old kids trolling her. I had enough to deal with in my real life at 18/21, without the trolls adding to it. 

Cyber bully is a movie loosely based on the suicide of 13 year old Megan Meier. Her ex-best friend's mother pretends to be a 16 year old boy on MySpace and chats with her. Then she leaks all her secrets on the Internet and breaks off the friendship. Megan is very upset and commits suicide.

Cyber bully has a similar storyline. It stars Emily Osment as Taylor in the lead role, Kay Panabaker and Meaghan Rath as her friends and Kelly Rowan as her mother. Directed by Charles Biname, it is a decent flick. I liked it. 


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