Shuruaat ka interval

I watched this one a while back and so don't remember everything about it. Please bear with me. 
This movie is a collection of 8 short stories which won as part of a contest. Some of the directors were mentored by Anand Gandhi, Vikramaditya Motwane, Vikash Bahl and Imtiaz Ali. 

Here are some of the short stories I remember and like:

- The story about a struggling actor who goes for numerous auditions. At the audition, he has to show a board to the camera with his name and contact number written on it. Even while asleep, he dreams of giving auditions. And one day, this lands him in trouble. A hilarious story though not a new one. I am pretty sure this used to be a WhatsApp joke once upon a time.

- The story about a ghost who comes "alive" while people are watching him on screen in the theatre. Imagine watching a ghost movie and suddenly the ghost is sitting next to you. What would you do? Click selfies, of course. Loved this one. Hilarious. 

- What if the actor playing Ram ran off during the interval? How would Ramayana end? With Laxman saving Sita? With Ravana changing his mind about abducting Sita? With Sita saving herself? This and many more options are discussed in the green room when Ram scoots off. Funny.

- The story about a man planning a romantic gesture for his wife along with his grand kids only to have the wife die before she finds out. 

- Another one was about 2 characters in a movie/play who run off into their own world and flirt with each other while the interval is on. Very creative- which means I didn't understand too much but it was kind of nice. 

Such and many more. Worth a dekko. The movie is available for rent on google play and Itunes. 


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