Shudh Desi Romance

I just watched this flick. It was either this or Zanjeer and I hate remakes. They are unnecessary.
What is the movie about? It is about today's confused young people... how they fall in and fall out of love... and where marriage fits in (if at all) in the scheme of things.

Ragu (Sushant Rajput) is a tourist guide in Jaipur. He stands in as the baraat to earn extra money. His guide, mentor, friend and father figure is Rishi Kapoor. He is on his way to marry Vani Kapoor when he meets Parineeti Chopra. They both make out in a bus full of sleeping baraatis. He elopes at the wedding and he moves in with Parineeti soon after. What happens next? Do they live happily ever after? Not so easily.

What I loved:
- The "real" dialogues... none of the senti stuff
- Rishi Kapoor... he is doing the best roles of his life now
- Jaipur... Maneesh Kapoor (director) has shown the beautiful city throughout... very authentic and such a relief to see a non-metro
- Some of the songs... 2 actually...
- Sushant as the guy who falls in love very easily and is quite a charmer in his own way

What I did not like:
- The predictable end

But all in all, a good watch. It reminded me of 'Chameli ki shaadi'.

You should watch it... the runtime is around 2 hours so you won't get bored.


anita menon said...

I watch very few hindi movies in the cinema. I had decided to watch this one. Saw its trailer and loved the fresh take on certain things. ALso, I love Parineeti chopra's spunk

Buls said...

It is a good flick and Parineeti is a fresh change with her girl next door image.

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