Dolly Ki Doli

After the fiasco that was Khoobsurat I had decided that never to watch a Sonam Kapoor movie in the theatre again. She is so damn fake... even more fake than Aishwarya.
I was happy to find a decent copy online. How cool is it that copies online are available on the same day as the release!!! Money and time saved.

*spoilers ahead*

If you have seen the trailer you know what it's about. Sonam Kapoor plays Dolly- a bride who runs off with her in-laws' money, jewellery and anything else that pleases her. She operates with a gang which includes a mother, father, brother played by Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub, a dadi and 1 more guy. They all help her dupe the groom. The movie starts with her wedding to Rajkummar Rao who plays the Haryanvi farmer with the correct accent and so convincingly. He is in love with her but she breaks his heart. The cops don't believe him because he does not even have her pic. Yes, in times of selfies and wedding photographers there is no picture available of Dolly.

The next victim is Varun Sharma (of Fukrey fame) whose mother is played by Archana Puran Singh. She manages to piss off Dolly so much that she steals her bras and panties too.
Pulkit Samrat plays the cop looking for Dolly. He looks and acts like Salman Khan which is not flattering at all. Pulkit and Dolly have a history. They were in love and decided to elope but he does not turn up at the station. She meets the gang then and starts duping the grooms. But her biggest con is duping Pulkit. Yep, that's the end.

The movie could have been good if it didn't have all the emotional crap... if it didn't try to show Dolly as the victim... if it didn't try to justify what she does... and if it didn't star Sonam Kapoor. Any scene where she opens her mouth to say something or laugh made me want to pull out my hair. Rajkummar Rao is brilliant so are the others. Pulkit is just copying Salman and that will take him nowhere in his career.

Terrible flick. Dont waste money on it. Just watch 'Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!' instead. Similar story and so much better. The music is sooooo bad. Horrible.


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