Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer

This is part 1 to the documentary- Life and Death of a Serial killer. Check out review here.

Aileen Wuronos, also called the first female serial killer of USA, killed seven men in one year. She had help from her lesbian partner Tyria, who was never prosecuted because she helped the cops get a confession from Aileen. 

The movie is about how everyone around Aileen tried to milk the situation for money. Below are the players in this documentary by Nick Broomfield. 

  • Tyria- She is not interviewed directly but it is obvious she was involved in the murders and managed to go scot-free because she got Aileen to confess. There is conjecture that she was part of the movie deals along with the cops. 
  • The cops- Nick interviews a cop who quit the force and he talks about being harassed and being asked to shut up about Aileen's case. Something is not right. The speculation is that the cops the cops sold off her story for movie deals
  • Aileen gets adopted legally by Arlene Pralle who bullshits about how she prayed for Aileen for hours and was guided by Jesus to adopt her. Arlene pushed Aileen into entering the "guilty" plea instead of the earlier self defense. She also negotiates with Nick for $25,000 for an interview with Aileen. He ultimately brings it down to $10,000 but then Arlene refuses to give the interview. Things fall apart between Aileen and Arlene when the former feels like the latter is using her. 
  • Steve Glazer who is Aileen's lawyer. She recruits him when she sees his tacky ad on TV. The lawyer seems like a whack job and it is obvious he is not upto the job. He pushes Aileen to enter a "guilty" plea which leads to a death sentence. 
By the end of it, Aileen is quite frustrated. Her only companion- Tyria betrays her. The cops are out to make money. Her adopted mother is a gold digger. Her lawyer does not give a shit. Basically, she is on death row and has nobody to turn to. This also explains why she keeps blaming everyone but herself for the way her life turned out, in the next documentary. It is a frustrating place to be in and without anyone's support. 

Worth a watch. This documentary is an eye opener. Everyone except for Aileen comes out looking sleazy. Quite an achievement considering she killed 7 men. 


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