I was keen on watching this movie... not because of Sonakshi (no ways) and not Ranveer (even though I like him). It was Vikramaditya Motwane. Udaan is one of the greatest movies ever made. The 1st look of the film was good and yesterday's reviews too. I went for the 3.40 pm show. Big mistake... I will never watch an intense movie in a packed theatre. Next time, I will try and catch the 9.30 am show. On my right, there was a baby crying... on my left, there was a couple cootchy cooing and making out... behind me, there were some intellectually challenged guys. Very bugging. I am ok with couples making out in the theatre... KC and I have done it plenty of times... but it has to be the right theatre and the correct movie. You should always make out in an empty theatre... and in movies nobody watches. KC and I first made out in a single screen theatre playing a ghost movie called 'Gauri'.

But I am digressing. Lootera is perfect... I can't think of one thing that can be improved upon. The 1st half is about Sonakshi and Ranveer's love... how it happens and how her heart is broken. The 2nd half of the movie is based on 'The Last Leaf'- a short story by O'Henry. I have read that story millions of times in school and there was a serial on DD on it when I was a kid.

Sonakshi is sans make up in the 2nd half and has acted well. She has potential despite her ugliness. Ranveer is superbly understated. Loved him... too good. There is very good chemistry between them. I loved Sonakshi's character in the 1st half... she is a woman in love and not afraid to show it... just like a teenage girl.
The whole look of the movie is very genuine... it is based in Bengal in 1st half and moves to Dalhousie in 2nd half. It is set in the 50s and nothing feels out of place.

Other notable actors are - Vikrant Massey as Ranveer's friend... he is very good, Arif Zakaria - I remember telling my sister ages back that I find him handsome... she had given me a 'are you out of your mind' look... he has personality and I love watching him on screen, Divya Dutta- why... oh why does she get such minuscule roles... she deserves so much better...

The music is so damn good... not just the songs but the background score as well. Amit Trivedi is a genius.

Watching lootera is like reading a poetry. It is slow... takes its time to build up...  carries the reader along with it...

Lootera is a beautiful movie. Please watch... but only if you like romance and have an intellectual bone in your body. I am warning you- it is slow... avoid if you like 'pure entertainment'.


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