Once Upon a time in Mumbai Dobaara

I had picked up a CD of this movie for 50 bucks. Not watching it in a theatre was a no brainer. I am not keen on spending on a movie starring Sonkashi and Imraan.

Anyway, "how bad can it be?", I thought. Apparently, very bad. We turned it off after 30 mins. Sonakshi is too dumb to play even a dumb female. Imraan looks like a kid trying to act like an adult. Akshay kept mouthing these stupid dialogues which will not fool anyone.

Avoid. Horrible. And Ekta Kapoor is creating all this hue and cry over a bad movie. She should make a good movie first and then fight over it.
If I had to pick between this one and Chennai Express (considering there are no more movies in this world and I really have to choose since it means life and death for me), I would choose the latter. Thats what the audience did. No matter how many screens the movie would have released in, it would not get an audience.

I am giving it zero stars.


Anonymous said...

It seems you have similar taste as mine as far as movies are concerned. Request if you can review LUNCHBOX.

Buls said...

Will do so... definitely

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