Few weeks back I was looking for something to watch on google play and rented this flick. Worst decision of my life. 

The Bengali movie (with English subtitles) starts off with an old, fat, ugly, balding man admiring himself in the mirror. All the while, his maid is complaining to herself about him. He gets dressed and leaves the house with a book. His neighbour wishes him a happy birthday and the man rudely leaves. He then sits in the park and is reading the book. Sushmita Sen sits next to him on the bench and proceeds to share her problem. You get the idea that it has to do something with a lover. The man buys peanuts or chanas but does not offer them to Sushmita. I lost track for a few minutes of the movie after this. Then he gets drunk, comes home and lies down on his bed and starts shagging. He is shown shagging till he does not climax. At this point I turned off the movie because I realised I don't really care about this old, fat, ugly, balding man. And I definitely don't want to see him shagging. I don't care what the director wanted to show by that but this where I draw the line. 

After reading the story on wikipedia I realise that turning this one off and saving my time was a good decision. You know what happens next? The man slips in the bathroom, is injured and taken to the hospital. And that is end of story 1. The best part- this story depicts Affection. There are four other stories like this.

Don't waste your time with this one. It is terrible. It is like that guy in top management who licked asses like a dog to get there. Oh wait, EVERYONE in top management is like that. 

Zero rating- after sooooo long. 


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