With all the Oscar noise right now, I decided to watch this movie. Many people think Killa should have been sent to the Oscars instead of Masaan. 

Killa is a Marathi movie and I managed to find a good copy with subtitles. 
It has been directed by Avinash Arun and stars Amruta Subash, Archit Deodhar, Parth Bhalerao, Gaurish Gawande and Atharva Upasni.

Amruta's (I cannot recall her character's name in the movie) husband passes away and she shifts to a Konkan village with her son from Pune for a change in scene. She works in a government job and has just been promoted. Her son- Chinmay (Archit) is not happy about this shift because he left his mama (mother's brother) and favourite cousin behind along with friends. He was also closer to his father. The movie shows both their struggles to come to terms in their life at this new place. 

It sounds good.... except.... there is no story to it and most of the things are left unresolved. The movie ends with them packing up and shifting again. 

I have watched a lot of art movies- specially the old ones starring Om Puri, Shabana Azmi, Smita Patil etc. The difference was that those movies had a very good story. Today's movies have a lame script and then the directors proceed to make movies for festival audiences. 

An hour into the movie, I wasn't sure where the movie is going... what is going to happen... will something even happen next? And I cannot appreciate a flick about a few days in someone's life in a new village when I have seen Boyhood. Come on. Boyhood is about 18 years of someone's life shot over those many years. Killa is nothing in comparison.

It well made, the scenes are beautiful and actors are great specially Amruta. She is perfect as the Marathi mother who is facing issues in her new job and has to deal with a cranky kid. 

Atleast Masaan had a story, no matter how weak. This one does not have even that. 


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