Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

The reviews of this movie made me reluctant to watch it. The fact that it exceeds 3 hours was also a bummer. But I went ahead anyway since KC likes movies related to sports.
The movie is about Milkha Singh who won a gold medal at the Olympics. It is his rags to riches story and based on the autobiography written by him. The promos have been going on since the last 6 months and this flick has been a much awaited one.

The movie flashes between the past and present and is mostly narrated by Pawan Malhotra. Overall, the movie is fine. BUT.... I could not connect with Milkha... I could not understand him... I could not figure out who he actually was/is... what he wants... what motivates him. The big reason is 'coz in none of the scenes does Milkha talk about all this. Either someone else is talking about him or things are just shown to be happening. It felt like Farhan Akhtar playing 'Milkha'. You cannot get over the fact that it is Farhan. This movie has brought out his weakness. He has played very simple roles till now- ZNMD and Rock On.... he does not do justice to this complex role. Also, his Punjabi accent is not really Punjabi... it is him speaking a few Punjabi words. Big difference!!!
Sonam is in a blink and you miss it role... thankfully. The producer could have saved money and taken a better 'actress'.
The songs are crap. Just 'coz the protagonist is a Punjabi does not mean all the songs have to be Punjabi... I am sure he could have appreciated Hindi songs as well.
Milkha parents were slaughtered during the partition. Throughout the movie, he gets nightmares about this incident (the nightmares are very Harry Potterish minus the special effects) but the whole India Pakistan issue has been handled in a very immature manner. Why do we always show Pakistanis as the enemies? Why are they always evil and arrogant?

A bad movie... and it drags on for 3.5 hours. Such movies make me realize the importance of a good 'editor'. BMB badly needs one.

Btw, anyone who can tell me the number of times 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' has been mentioned in the movie gets a free movie ticket from me.

Please avoid... save money and time.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Farhan came in rock on and not rockstar...

plus, i loved the movie. There, said it!

Buls said...

Thanks... have corrected it.

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