Monster's University

I missed this movie in the theatre and was lucky enough to find a good print online so soon.
Just to recap- Monsters, Inc was part 1. Monsters have a 'scare' factory where in they visit children at night and scare them. The children's screams get converted to city's power. Mike (the one eyed monster) and Sully (the furry one) come into contact with a kid and realize that kids are harmless. In the end, they start entertaining kids since their laughter generates more energy.

Monsters University is a prequel to that. It is about how Mike and Sully, meet, become friends and become scarers. Mike is the geeky kinds and not a very obvious scarer. He is not scary at all... while Sully looks ferocious but does not put in enough effort. During their exam in the scarer course they are expelled. Mike decides to enter the university contest with his team of losers and Sully joins him. Initially, they are enemies but become friends in the end. They win the contest but only 'coz Sully cheats. All is well in the end.

It is an awesome movie and the animation is too good (even in a downloaded print). I loved it... and wished I had watched it in the theatre instead.
A must watch.


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