Scent of a Woman

I have come here after a long time... not because I have been lazy but I haven't watched any movies.
Nothing has pulled me to the theatres.

'Scent of a Woman' has been on my wishlist for quite sometime. I downloaded it a month back and watched it in 2 parts... part 1 on the flight on Friday and part 2 today evening.

The movie stars Al Pacino and Chris O'Donnell in leading roles. The movie won many Oscars in 1992 and is based on an Italian movie. Frank Slade (Al Pacino) is blind, cynical, rude and pissed with life. Understandable. He used to be a celebrated officer in the army before he lost his sight in an accident. Charlie (Chris) is a scholarship student who needs money to go home for X'mas. He takes up the job of looking after Frank over Thanksgiving. The job is full of surprises. Frank takes him to New York where they stay in an expensive hotel, dine at the best restaurants and then Frank plans to commit suicide. No, he does not do it and the credit goes to Charlie.
In the end, Frank helps out Charlie in his school problem.

It is a good movie... Al Pacino is class apart. Chris is also quite good. The tango scene is my favourite and a must watch.

Please watch. A movie with no heroine.


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