The Family

I decided to watch an English movie today to balance out so many Hindi movie reviews. I picked 'The Family' since it has good reviews.

The movie stars Michelle Pfeiffer, Al Pacino and Tommy Lee Jones. It is about a mafia family that has entered a witness protection program. They got their enemy- the mafia boss put in jail and have relocated to a new country under new identities. But they find it difficult to merge/live as normal people. On the 1st day itself, Al Pacino has buried a body in his backyard... Michelle blows up a shop... their daughter beats up a guy hitting on her... their son gets beaten up. Tommy is there to protect them and ensure they are safe.
For the first 30 mins I did not understand what exactly was happening... who are they... why have they come here... what happened in the past. It slowly becomes clear as the movie progresses... but not completely.
In the end, the hitmen find them and try to kill them. But they are saved and relocate again.

It is supposed to be a comedy but I did not find it too funny. Take away the famous faces and there is little to bring anyone to the theatre.


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