American Hustle

I watched this movie last week and the reason was Jennifer Lawrence. I liked her in Hunger Games but she has been getting a lot of rave reviews. In fact, Susan Sarandon said that she is an awesome actress.

The movie stars Christian Bale and Amy Adams as 2 con artists. They are also in love but Christian is married to Jennifer Lawrence. The FBI agent Bradley Cooper catches them and forces them to participate in another con and help trap 4 culprits. They go after a politician. Amy pretends to love Bradley since she is not happy with Christian being married and wants Bradley on her side.
In the end, Bradley gets conned. The politicians get caught and the 2 con artists go free.

The flick is ok types. It has received a lot of award nominations and I don't understand why. The story is nothing new... the cons are not fast or exciting.

The only awesome part is Jennifer's. She plays a complete psycho wife and makes Christian's life miserable. Very funny.

I wouldn't recommend this movie to normal people. If you generally like the award winning movies (I don't always), you can watch it.


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