Dedh Ishqiya

I was so happy reading the positive reviews for this flick. In fact, has given it 5 stars. I remember telling my hubby that if this movie is a flop, Madhuri's movie career is over. A lot is riding over this one. She has received great reviews everywhere. We spent 600 bucks and 3 hours of a weekend to watch it.

I was disappointed.... not because the movie is bad... it is good... not great. I'd prefer to watch it sometime on TV than spend money in a theatre.

Sometimes I wonder if I really need this blog.... after all, there are so many critics out there... the reviews are out as soon as the movie even finishes. There are even reviews on twitter as the movie is playing. And yet, at times like this... I feel like I am the only one being honest.

Coming to the flick, Baban (Arshad Warsi) and Khalujaan (Naseeruddin Shah) are back. They are as funny as ever with the swearing and all. We find them just like in the 1st part.. in a grave about to be buried by Mushtaq (Salman Shahid) but only Baban this time. Khalu is not with him. Basically, both of them steal a very expensive necklace and are chased by cops. Khalu runs off to Mahmudabad pretending to be a Nawab. Madhuri is a widow of Nawab of Mahudabad and is looking for a husband who is a poet. She has to be wooed through poetry and Khalu is one of the contenders. Huma is her assistant and confidante. Baban comes in search of Khalu demanding the necklace back. He is seduced by Huma while Khalu falls for Madhuri but the women have their own agenda. They are looking for money since they are in bad debt and they have a plan. Vijay Raaz is the villain who wants to marry Madhuri and can go to any limits to gain her.
I am revealing the big mystery now... and you should stop reading if you want to watch the movie. Madhuri and Huma are lesbians and in love.

Vijay Raaz is awesome... I didn't know he has such talent. He looks very villainous too. Huma is ok but I miss Vidya Balan's raw sexuality. Vidya's sex scene with Arshad was very, very hot... the one with Huma is not too great... even the kiss is not shown. Madhuri is good... but her role is a little weak. She is shown to be a nice person who is using evil means to get her way. I would have preferred her evil... that would have made it more villainous. Needless to say, Arshad and Naseer are awesome but they have fewer scenes compared to part 1 and I missed their chemistry.

Overall, I think part 1 was better even though the end was not too great. This part does not match up.


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