Ship of Theseus

Ship of Theseus is not a movie... it is a documentary. The only reason it was distributed by UTV and released in the multiplexes is because of Kiran Rao. She watched the screening and liked it a lot.

This is my big problem with the film industry. Why would you want to release a documentary in the multiplex? Are you reaching the right audience? Even if I wanted to watch it flick, my hubby would not have agreed to join me. How many of us watch movies alone in the theatre? Very, very few. Why can't we have a website where documentaries and art movies are released? Such movies are generally watched alone on a laptop. I would happily pay Rs 100-150 for watching it online. But, I have a big problem spending 400 bucks for it.
Why don't I start a website where movies are released online at the same time as theatre. Trust me... a multiplex is an outing these days. If I want to go to the theatre... I will go to the theatre. I don't think a website will cannibalize theatre ticket sales. In fact, it will curb piracy. I'd rather pay 100 bucks for a good copy of the movie than get a not so great copy free. But it has to release at the same time. I will not pay for a movie 1 month old.

I watched this flick at the wrong time. Last night.. all alone at home.. I started Bewakoofiyan... stopped it after 15 mins and then started this. I was tired... and sleepy... and not in the mood for a documentary.

I will not get into the philosophies of the movie because they are too deep for me. The basic premise is whether a ship whose every part has been changed is still the same. Wikipedia has a whole topic dedicated to the philosophy of the 'Ship of Theseus'.

This premise is further explained through 3 stories

1) A visually impaired photographer who clicks superb pictures basis her intuition. When she gets her eyesight back, the intuition is lost and she is trying to come to terms with this.

2) A monk is against animal testing in the pharmaceutical industry. When he is diagnosed of liver cirrhosis, the only option is a liver transplant and taking medicines which have been tested on animals. He refuses to do so and ultimately dies.

3) A stock broker has a liver transplant and gets to know about the kidney tourism. He thinks that the new kidney was a stolen one but then realizes that actually another guy's kidney has been sold to a a foreigner from Stockholm. The stock broker goes all the way to Stockholm to get the kidney back.

I don't know what happens next since I was sleepy and turned it off.

The documentary is very deep and needs time and an open mind to watch. Please do not watch it in a multiplex or with shallow friends. I applaud such movies even getting made.

Worth a watch? Only if you like documentaries and have a philosophical bent of mind. Then it is a must watch. The movie has a lot of depth... the actors are all superb and conversations are natural. They don't sound like dialogues... its like normal people talking.


I will take the time out to watch it again. I promise.


Saritha said...

Another suggestion..'The world before her'...again watch it when you are in a better mood.

Buls said...

Thanks... will check it out

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