The Great Gatsby

I just watched this mind numbingly boring movie... fell asleep towards the end.... woke up after an hour and finished it. Such a waste of time.

The movie is based on a famous novel 'The Great Gatsby' written in 1925 by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I haven't read the book and after watching the movie I am not inclined to.
The movie/book is supposed explore the themes of excess, decadence, idealism, social upheaval etc. I didn't really find any of those themes in the movie.

Coming to the story, Gatsby (Leonardo Dicaprio) is a multi millionaire who throws extravagant parties every weekend. Everyone comes to these parties but nobody knows him personally. Nick Carray (Tobey Maguire) is his neighbour who works as a bond salesman after giving up writing. He is the narrator of the movie. Basically, Gatsby loves Daisy (Carey Mulligan) who is married to Tom (Joel Edgerton), also a millionaire (not multi though). Gatsby and Daisy were in love 5 years back but then he went to war... he did ask her to wait for him but she married Tom. Tom has a mistress and Daisy knows that. She is very unhappy with her life. Nick is Daisy's cousin and on Gatsby's urging, invites her to tea at his house where she is reunited with Gatsby. They start an affair and Gatsby wants her to tell her husband about him. Tom figures out that she is sleeping with Gatsby... He and Gatsby have a blow out... while returning back to their house after the fight... Daisy accidentally runs over Tom's mistress... only Gatsby is in the car and he takes the blame for the crime. The mistress's husband shoots Gatsby for revenge... and Daisy leaves the city with Tom.

Amitabh Bachan has a teeny tiny role and I don't understand why. How did it help his career??? When Irrfan Khan can get meaty roles in Hollywood, why is Amitabh settling for such inconsequential roles?

I don't understand the point of the movie... it is a bad love story.


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