Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

I have a simple rule of thumb- I avoid movies where I can predict what is going to happen. And that is why I don't watch action movies. We watched Mission Impossible because KC's friend was staying with us and expressed an interest in watching it. He is a fan and has seen all the parts while I haven't even bothered to watch the first part itself. 

I also fell asleep once I realized there is no sex and Tom Cruise does not strip. I always thought the action was just foreplay for something better coming up. Apparently, that isn't how action movies work. Or maybe am confusing action with porn. 

The movie starts with everyone trying to get a package off a plane using satellites and technology and what not. But nobody can. Except.... you guessed it right. Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise, does not need technology and shit. He wears a suit and runs after the plane, gets on the plane and gets the package off. At this point I should have walked out but couldn't. 

The rest of the movie has Ethan trying to impress and defend Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) even though she is from the enemy camp. I get it. When we want to get laid, we want to get laid... even if it is with someone trying to kill us. We have all been there. But do it on your own time. Don't make me spend 400 buck for that shit.
I won't even get into the rest of the story because it is not important. Just watch a Rohit Shetty movie for better action sequences. 
This one sucks.


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