Bittoo Boss

I had read good reviews about this flick when it released plus I like Pulkit Samrat after Fukrey and decided to watch this over the weekend.

The movie starts with a wedding where everyone is waiting for 'Bittoo' to turn up. Bittoo (Pulkit) is a videographer and a very famous one at that. While shooting the wedding he comes across a lady's back... she is changing in the room and he manages to catch a glimpse through his camera. And he falls in love with her when he sees her next. He tells her he likes her or something of that sort and then lands up at her house. She is obviously pissed and like a sensible woman tells him they do not/cannot have anything in common. Which is true, he is a poor videographer while her parents are quite rich. He leaves quietly. Later she gets to know that he actually came to meet her brother and was not really stalking her. So, she decides to meet up with him... and he tells her that he had spotted her back. What was her reaction??? She falls in love with him.

And thats when I decided to save my time and turn off the movie. Ugh!!! All those reviews seem paid now. The actress is not even good looking while Pulkit has a weird hair cut and everyone's Punjabi seems put on.



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