Children of War

I read good reviews about this movie and watched it yesterday.

The movie is about the atrocities committed by Pakistan (the West Pakistan) during the Bangladesh war. The movie starts with a grab of Indira Gandhi talking about the war and then some Pakistani army guys barge into the home of a Pakistani journalist. They rape his wife in front of him and take her away to a camp. But leave him alive!!! Because he is the hero of the movie and cannot kill him at the beginning itself.
The movie keeps moving back and forth between different characters... either on the run or rebelling. And there are more murders. There are more rapes specially in the camp where the objective is to impregnate the women so that the kids born belong to East/West Pakistan and not to Bangladesh. This actually happened and are called 'Children of War'.

The other day I was reading comments about 'Game of Thrones' on tvrecaps. Most of the commentators are from USA and they were horrified by the rapes shown in GOT. Which is weird because rapes are the most common atrocity committed during war/riots. Its like thats the way to oppress and teach women a lesson. There was even a woman who said that its such a relief she is staying in USA because it is safe while women in India (yes, India) get raped. Of course, rapes don't happen in developed countries... because men there are so different from men in developing nations. (Sarcasm ends).
Coming back, after 1.5 hours when I thought the movie should end in another half an hour... it was intermission on the TV. OMG!!! It was a 3 hour movie. I switched it off after 2 hours when another rape was going on.
What a mess of a film. It does not take the viewer through the background of the war... why it started... what happened... when does India intervene... the political events. All it shows are the atrocities for 3 whole hours.

Horrible!!! It is what a war movie should never be.



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