The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Just finished watching this movie and I had to try very hard to not shut it down in the middle.

The movie is about a loser Walter (Ben Stiller) who cannot express himself and ends up dreaming in his head. He works with an adventure photographer O'Connell and for a magazine. Walter is responsible for getting a negative of the cover photo from O'Connell but cannot find it. He decides to go and find O'Connell... and on the way has to jump off a helicopter in shark infested waters... escape a volcano... trek to the Himalayas where he finally meets the photographer. The negative is found... handed over to the magazine (from where he has been fired)... and his love is requited.

Walter is irritatingly self conscious in the beginning of the movie making me wonder how such a man can lead his life.
Boring movie... predictable... no depth. Avoid.


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