How to Train your Dragon 2

Watched this flick over the weekend. I liked the 1st part. It was about a viking boy Hiccup who aspires to be a dragon slayer like his dad and even manages to capture a dragon but he ends up befriending it.

Part 2 is based 5 years later. Things have changed in Viking Land. Instead of slaying dragons they have befriended them and everyone has 1 dragon. But, all is not great in paradise. There is the villain who is capturing the dragons and Hiccup and his friends need to stop him. Along the way he also comes across his mother and realizes why he is different from the rest.

It is a good flick, something different from the usual. But it does drag in the middle and the part about his mother feels a little forced. The 3D animation is great though.
Worth a watch.


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