The Fault in our Stars

I downloaded the movie and watched it today. It was a cam print and not too great but I refuse to pay 400 bucks to watch a movie in the theatre 6 months later. C'mon... how fair is it? If the multiplexes want us to pay premium prices the least they can do it release the movie in India at the same time as in USA.

All American reviews are very, very positive while the Indian reviews are strictly ok.

The story is about a guy- Augustus (Ansel Elgort) and a girl Hazel (Shailene Woodley). Augustus is a cancer survivor but he lost his leg while Hazel is at stage 4 of cancer. Hazel's mom convinces her to attend a support group and she meets Augustus. How predictable can this be.... 1 cancer survivor and another one suffering from cancer... they both fall in love and obviously someone dies. But... it is not Hazel, it is Augustus. And then we all cry. Yep, I did shed a few tears... even on the CAM print. The people who watched it in the theatre must have shed buckets.

The movie is based on a book (which am going to read soon). All in all a good movie but a sad one. Kindof predictable though. After all, whats the point of making a movie on cancer patients if the end is happy?
I kept trying to recall where I had heard Shailene's voice since it sounded so familiar. On googling I found out she was in the crappy series 'The Secret Life of an American Teenager' where she becomes pregnant after having sex for the 1st time when she is a teenager. She cries buckets in the series and I found her extremely irritating in it.

Stay away if don't like rona dhona.


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