Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya

I was pretty sure I won't spend money on this flick. It is a remake of DDLJ... why would I want to watch a remake? Why not just watch the original over and over again? After all, it plays on some channel every weekend. Varun Dhawan is a male Sonakshi Sinha. He is there only to ham, dance and show his abs. While Alia Bhatt is too raw and immature to be considered an actress. I liked her in Highway but the story was so damn flawed. She has a lot to learn before she can act.
I was fortunate to find a good copy online... and after some co-ordination KC and I found time yesterday to watch it. And then... we waited for the other to turn it off. After 20 mins of the torture that is this movie I switched it off.

The story is about Humpty who is a tapori kind of Bollywoodish character- not interested in studies, flirting with girls, has 2 side kicks, over smart etc. He meets Alia when she is visiting Delhi to buy a designer lehenga for her upcoming wedding. They meet... he laughs at her... then helps her out... and I guess somewhere along the way they fall in love. I did not reach till there and am just using my imagination this point on. Her father, of course, will not agree to the wedding so he tries to worm his way into his heart. But no need, just like in DDLJ the tyrant of a father gives in at the last moment. Am I right??? Does it matter?
This is where I wanted to shoot myself- Alia is not just looking for a designer lehenga worth 5 lakh... she has to earn the 5 lakh in 1 month. Who ever comes up with such ridiculous plots? Let me guess, a writer desperately in need of 5 lakh.

And what is with people imitating Delhi/Punjabi accent? Can't you be in Delhi and NOT have the strange manner of speaking? Nobody around me speaks like that...

I wouldn't watch this movie for free... actually, I didn't watch it....
1 star for the song 'Saturday Saturday' which is also a remake. All the other songs (I just fast forwarded one song... didn't reach the 2nd one) are crap.


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