Bobby Jasoos

Watched this last night. I wasn't too keen since the reviews were not great. They were not bad... but not great either. But hubby was keen since it is Vidya Balan and we caught a late night show.

The story is about Bobby who resides in the Muslim area of Hyderabad and wants to be a detective. When she does not get a job at an agency she decides to start off on her own. Initially, her tasks are to find out flaws about marriage proposals that come for Tasawur (Ali Fazal)- a famous TV personality and her family friend, find out if her childhood friend is having an affair etc etc. And then Kiran Kumar (yes... yes... the one and only) meets her and pays her a bomb to find 3 people- one by one. All he gives her is a name, age and birthmark. She manages to find two and during her search for the 3rd realizes that the previous two have gone missing. Thats when she sets out to find the identity of Kiran Kumar.

In the process she falls in love with Tasawur and manages to reconcile with her dad who was against her detective business.

The end is blah... too much crying... too much emotion... too lame. Which is weird because the entire movie is not emotional and there is no crying. Its like the director felt bahut zyada practicality ho gayi... thoda emotion daal do like a tadka.

It is an ok movie. I would suggest waiting for it to come on TV instead of spending money.

Vidya is looking so damn fat. I am ok with curves and non zero figures but you cannot be fat. Fit is ok no matter what your size but fat is just unhealthy. I like how she stood upto the media and has embraced her curves but that does not mean... go and get fat. Unless she is pregnant... then she is forgiven.

Ali Fazal is awesome. I like this guy. He was in 3 idiots (played Joy), then the silent guy in Fukrey and in this flick he is a witty, regular guy and I loved him.
The attraction between Vidya and Ali is great but in some scenes she looks like his mother.
Arjan Bajwa is in a side role and I kept thinking where have I seen him. He was in Fashion and many other movies I have not watched. He looks hot in this one.

I liked everything but the end. But I still don't think you should spend money watching it.


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