I knew this movie bombed but I still wanted to watch it. Jobs was a fascinating man... a horrible human being but he led an interesting life. 

I managed to watch it last night and there are sooooo many problems with this movie. In fact, I cannot of think of one thing this flick got right. 

Here are the problems:

- The movie starts with Jobs launching the Ipod but the fanfare with which he launches a product to the world is missing. It is just a Apple staff meeting. They should have shown the actual launch that happens in front of media.

- The movie shows his days in college where he has dropped out of Reed college but still audits classes. He takes LSD... dates Chirsann and dumps her when she gets pregnant. He also cheats on her from time to time and so assumes the child is not his. LSD was a big part of Job's life specially during college. That connection is missing. If I wouldn't have read the book I wouldn't know from the film that the LSD scene is pivotal. The fact that he is adopted is missing. Sure, they talk about it in passing but it had a huge impact on him. 

- It then moves onto starting Apple along with Woznaik in his father's garage and Mike Marrkula investing money in the company

- Apple is now a big company... Apple II is selling like hot cakes... Jobs is working on LISA but is kicked out from there and he joins the Macintosh team. According to the movie, Jobs loses touch with his friends and is mean to his daughter Lisa. In reality, Jobs was always manipulative. He was cruel by nature. He didn't change... he was always like that. The part about why Macintosh fails eventually making LISA bomb too is missing. 

- Jobs starts NEXT after he is kicked out of Apple and he is on the verge of failing till Apple buys out NEXT. This part is completely missing. Till he was kicked out of Apple, the achievements were not really his... Apple II was built by Woznaik and not Jobs. Macintosh was a failure. NEXT was a failure. What worked was... Pixar and there is no mention of that in the movie.

- Jobs really success happened after he joined back Apple. That's when he launches a new PC... Ipod... Iphone... Ipad. These were the game changers and there is no mention of any of it in the movie

The best parts... exciting parts of the book and his life are missing. The banter with Bill Gates which is hilarious is not there. The movie is disjointed... there is no connection or soul in the scenes. You will not know how good or bad Jobs was from this movie. It tells you nothing... not even the most important life incidents. Even the other characters have no development... Woznaik... Mike... Ive... these were important people in his life and we barely know who they are. 

Really, really sad movie. Jobs deserves a better movie... like 'The Social Network' which was fast paced.. thrilling... exciting... not very flattering to Mark Zuckerberg but then I don't think any of these guys are inspiring. You have to be strong, mean and even cruel to lead a company. Someone with a good heart cannot lead successfully. Because when you lead a company... the company has to be the most important thing in your life... more important than family and even the people around you. And that's the reality. 

Ashton Kutcher plays Jobs... trying to get his walk and mannerisms correct which is great but when there is no character development it does not matter if you look like him.
Josh Gad plays Woznaik
Dermot Mulroney is Mike Markkula


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