Hot Fuzz

I don't know who recommended this movie but I downloaded it eons back and watched it yesterday. 

The movie stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in lead roles and has been directed by Edgar Wright.

Nicholas Angel (Pegg) is a brilliant cop in London but he is promoted as Sergeant and shifted to a small village because he is making the rest of the team look bad with his efficiency. The village is quiet, crime free and everyone knows everyone else. 
Suddenly it is shaken up by murders which are written off as accidents but Angel's instincts tell him all the "accidents" are linked. He investigates and comes across a hornet's nest. All the oldies in the village are killers and their only aim in life is to win "Village of the Year" award. There is lots and lots of violence, shooting and bloodshed in the end.

I rarely watch action movies because they are boring. But Hot Fuzz is funny and I enjoyed every minute of it. The villains are all crazy, making them scarier. Simon Pegg is wonderful as Angel and his partner Nick Frost as PC Danny Butterman is perfect.

A good action flick and funny too.


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