Margarita, with a straw

This movie is in its 3rd week and I finally caught it. I think KC accompanied me because he didn't know what it is about. 

We were at a shop which sells PS3 CDs and stuff. A terrible movie starring Akshay Kumar and John Abraham was playing on TV.
Me - Which pathetic movie is that?
Him - Garam Masala
Me - Thank god I haven't seen it
Him - I watched it in the theatre with friends in college
Me - Wow. How your life has changed!!! From Garam Masala to Margarita, with a straw
Him - *really dirty look*

The movie stars Kalki Koechlin, Revathi and Sayani Gupta. It has been directed by Shonali Bose who has also directed Amu. (Please watch Amu. It is brilliant). 

*Lots of spoilers ahead. If you haven't watched it by now, I doubt you will watch it in the theatre*

The flick is about lots of things:

- Margarita (Kalki) is a teenager with cerebral palsy. It is about her journey as a teenager and coming to terms with her sexuality and embracing who she is
- The relationship between Margarita and her mother (Revathi). 
- Margarita dealing with her bisexuality
- Margarita and Khanum (Sayani)'s relationship and love

I wish I could tell you exactly what the flick is about but there is just too much going on. At the end of it I couldn't figure out what the director wanted to tell me. 
I didn't understand why Margarita's mother has cancer and she has to die of it. Was that really necessary or did Shonali feel like she needed to make the audience cry? All the characters except Margarita are on the periphery. We never really get to know her father or her brother or her friends. We don't know what her mother feels or thinks. We don't know who Khanum is and what she wants from life.

I feel like Shonali found this awesome central character- a girl with cerebral palsy and forgot to write about all the other characters. 

I found the movie strictly ok. It could have been so much better. If only Shonali had pursued one storyline. 

Kalki is brilliant. I am hoping we will see more such roles from her instead of the usual ones where she plays the crazy girlfriend. Revathi is commendable and Sayani Gupta is quite a find. 
I think this is a flick you can watch at home when it comes on television instead of spending money in the theatre. 


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