I was intrigued by this movie's trailer. Irrfan and Deepika are a different pair and yet I could sense the chemistry between them. Who knew? 

After reading Raja Sen's review on giving it 5 stars, the tickets were booked. We reached the movie 10 mins late even by PVR's late standard because my trainer wouldn't let me leave the TRX class 5-10 mins earlier (and I wasn't too keen on missing biceps curls anyway) and there was traffic at every road in Gurgaon. 

Let me start by saying - nothing much really happens in the movie. There is no story as such to speak of. Piku is an architect with a business in Delhi. She is, as her father puts it, emotionally, financially and sexually independent even sleeping with her business partner Syed (Jissu Sengupta) on occasions. She lives with her 70 year old father Bhashkor Bannerjee (Amitabh). Bhashkor is convinced something is wrong with him and the bane of his life is constipation. Most of the movie revolves around his inability to get a proper bowel movement. There is a dispute between Piku and her father on their Kolkata home and Bhashkor decides he wants to take a trip but only a car will do. So, they book a taxi through Rana Chaudhary (Irrfan) but the driver does not turn up. Rana decides to drive them himself. That is when Piku and he feel the strings of attraction. 

I found the movie.... slightly boring. Like I said, nothing much really happens. The constant fighting between Piku and Bhashkor was grating to my ears. How can anyone live like that? And I do understand the eccentricities of old age. In fact I just finished reading the "Lucknow Boy" where Vinod Mehta had mentioned how "bowel movements" were a favourite topic among his generation so the idea of an old man obsessed with his shit is not that far fetched. 

The best parts of the movie are when Rana is around. He really adds the spark to the boring two some who are constantly fighting. But he is present only in 50% of the movie. Moushmi Chatterjee as a relative is brilliant. Deepika is quite good. She has really grown as an actress and do I even need to mention Amitabh? We all know he can play any role effectively. The Bengali lifestyle and accents are bang on. 
I was disappointed that Irrfan and Deepika don't even kiss in the movie. I mean, c'mon... after all she is sexually independent... the chemistry is so good... I cannot believe I paid 400 bucks and did not even get a kiss between the two. 

All in all, watch it if there is nothing else to do. I found it strictly ok. But I hope we can see Deepika and Irrfan together again. 
PS: People in Gurgaon- can you please sit in the seats you have booked? Theatres and auditoriums are not trains where you can nonchalantly ask people to exchange their good seats with your terrible ones. 
And maybe... if your family does not find seats together, you can watch the movie the next day. 
To the guy who didn't get up from your corner seat- dude, what the fuck. Don't make me seem like a bitch by asking you to lift your ass off our seat. 
Never ever watch late night movies in Gurgaon because that is where all parents and their kids are. Umm... what happened to the super expensive aayahs and governesses you can leave your kids with? 


mohsincinema said...

good review. wish piku had a plot and then it would have made a impact like little miss sunshine ( on road family trip connection) but still i liked few more things then u did in piku.

Buls said...

Yeah. Many people liked the movie. I didn't though

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