Amit Sahni ki List

I watched the flick on the flight. It rang a bell because I had heard of the movie somewhere.

The flick is about an investment banker Amit Sahni played by Vir Das who has a painful breakup as a teenager. He makes a list of characteristics he wants in his woman and sets off to find the perfect woman.

 But he meets Mala, Vega Tamotia, who is the complete opposite and falls head over heels in love with her. Everything is perfect.... they are quite good together and have lots of fun.
Until he meets Devika (Anindita Nayar) who is the girl of his list... The woman he has been looking for. He breaks up with Mala and starts dating Devika. Everything is perfect.... Too perfect. They don't fight, ever and life is sort of boring and predictable. 

That is when Amit Sahni realizes he actually loves Mala and it has a predictable, Bollywoodish ending. 
The whole idea of the movie is good but it isn't a good movie. It had potential but never even tries to reach it. The casting is perfect though. There is a cameo by Anu Menon and Kavi Shastri plays Vir Das's best friend. 

All in all, decent timepass but please don't spend money on it. 


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