Crossing Bridges

I was very excited when I saw this movie in the flight entertainment. You cannot even download movies like these because nobody cares to upload the torrents. Watching in the theatre is difficult because nobody will be ready to accompany you.

*I really, really, really need to find someone in Gurgaon who is genuinely interested in non-commercial films. Also, that someone should not eat nachos and not talk or laugh loudly in the movie. Ok fine, I will just watch such movies alone. Nobody is ever going to make the cut anyway*

This is the blog where I first read about the movie. 

The movie has been directed, produced and written by Sange Dorjee Thongdok. It stars Phuntsu Khrime as Tashi. 
Tashi is from a small village in Arunachal Pradesh who works in Mumbai. During recession, he loses his job and comes back home after 8 long years. His village has neither electricity nor TV nor telecom connection. It sounds like a sad, sad life and you can see his frustration initially. But then something changes.... the more time he spends there, the closer he gets to the place... he makes friends, falls in love, gets a job, helps his parents and decides to stay on. 

This movie is everything that Swades should have been (but is not). It is the most realistic story about someone reconnecting with his roots. And it is not that far fetched either. My engineering college had many students from North East every year. They all stuck together and while the rest have moved to different cities in India or to USA, 90% of them have gone back to North East. I am not close to anyone and so cannot ask why that is so. But it is nice to see people go back to their roots instead of being predictable and boring and going to US of A. 

Crossing Bridges is a wonderful movie. It is in the Shertukpen language, which is the native dialect of Arunachal Pradesh but has subtitles in English. Must watch. It is available for rent on Itunes. So, do check it out.


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