Run for your wife

Run for your wife is a 1983 adult comedy play by Ray Cooney which claims to be the longest running play in the world. It has been adapted by Behroopiya Entertainers for the Indian audience. When it played at Epicentre, we booked the tickets. Despite the clich├ęd story, I went to watch it because of good reviews online.

The story is about a cab driver who has two wives and juggles two households. In today's times, a cab driver in Delhi being able to do that is in itself a big surprise. I mean, here we are trying to manage one household with double income. On top of it, one of the wives is a high class lady living in South Delhi. Umm, okay, REALLY? 

That is not even the worst part about the play. It has women wearing loads of make up and everyone talking in Punjabi accents. Cringe. 
We left within 20 minutes. 



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