Ek Thi Daayan

I was looking forward to this flick because it stars Konkana, Kalki and Huma. How can a movie about witches and these fabulous actors be anything but awesome?

It can be everything but awesome, as I found out.

Emraan is a magician who keeps seeing a small girl. He contacts his old psychiatrist who puts him into a trance and they go back to his past. The little girl is his sister who died when he was young. As a kid he loved to read about witches and ghosts. He reads that the lift can take him to hell... along with his sister, they reach hell but don't open the lift. His father (he does not have a mother) falls in love with their new neighbour- Konkana. The kid starts imagining her as a witch. All is well till then... it is even interesting.
And then Konkana turns out to be a witch who kills his sister and father. Somehow, he is spared.

Now that he is grown up, the witch is back. It all goes downhill from here and I do not even want to describe it. The climax is ridiculous, even for a Bollywood horror movie. Even Konkana as the witch cannot salvage it.

Bollywood will never get the horror genre right.

Avoidable... even on TV... even for free.


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