The Perks of being a Wallflower

I watched this flick after reading the book on my kindle (I can use my phone as a kindle).

When I watch a movie after reading the book it is a mere formality. I know the story... the characters are already in my head... most of the times, the movie does not add to the book in anyway... it is very difficult to judge the movie without judging the book.

The story is about a shy teenager... how he makes friends... his first gf... his first love... and then it is discovered that he is not just a "normal" teenager... there is more to it. I won't give it away.
The movie is strictly ok. I wouldn't recommend it to non book readers. Even book readers will find it strictly ok.
It was a pleasure watching Emma Watson. Please star in more movies... and good ones.

It is the sort of movie I can watch since I like art type movies but anyone else will not be able to watch it.



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