Nautanki Saala

I eagerly waited for this movie since it stars Ayushman Khurana. I walked out halfway from Vicky Donor 'coz it was boring and too Bollywoodish.
But, he is a good actor and a great singer. Also, Kunal Kapoor was awesome in Delhi Belly. I watched his stand up comedy in Epicentre, Gurgaon ... it was fun.

The story is no great shakes... Ayushman saves Kunal from committing suicide and takes him in... gives him a job in his play. Kunal is in love with Pooja Salvi and wants to get back together with her. Ayushman finds her... gets her to break off with her bf... and then falls in love with her (don't understand why... 'coz she is quite ugly).
The end is predictable.
Kunal and Ayushman are awesome and naturals at comedy. The music is superb.

Pooja Salvi is boring... so artificial and made up. Ayushman's initial gf- Gaelyn Mendonca is so much better. Evelyn Sharma, in her small role, is good too.

Watch it for Kunal and Ayushman... forget everything else.

I am giving only 2 stars 'coz of the lack of a good story.


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