Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Thank god I started this blog... actually, you guys should appreciate it. I read mixed bag of reviews and decided to go ahead and watch it. Why do critics become so critical? Do I care about their intellectual opinion? Can every movie be intellectualized?

I have a simple rule- any movie with Ranbir in it can be watched in the theatre. His worst movie is better than most. Deepika is hot... she is the hottest actress right now. Her acting skills vary but they are decent enough. Kalki is always good... and I have heard Aditya (I haven't seen any other flicks) is good. Farooque Sheikh is a pleasure to watch... it was nice to see Poorna but her accent was weird, her acting looked put on... Kunal Roy Kapoor is so damn cute... Evelyn Sharma is awesome in her role.
Thankfully, the movie does justice to the fabulous cast.

What is the story? Nothing new... it does not matter. It is a love story... it is about friendship... it is about dreams. Of course, all this with a Bollywood tinge.

Ranbir is a happy go lucky guy... his friends are Kalki and Aditya.... the former is tom boyish and in love with the latter... Aditya is a drunk who loves to gamble. Naina is a shy, reserved geeky girl. She goes on a trek with the three and falls in love with Ranbir. But, Ranbir has other plans. In the 2nd half of the movie, he realizes that dreams change... priorities change...

I loved how real and easy the conversation is. There are 2 kinds of 'young' movies being made today- one is like - Cocktail, which glosses over the traditional crap fundas.... YJHD is of the 2nd kind which is actually hep, real and resonates with everyone's life.

I do not want to reveal anymore... the movie took me back to my college days. I remember being a shy, reserved, geeky girl in co-ed school. I loved the change in Naina in 2nd half... she becomes a confident woman. Love does that to you.

And Madhuri Dixit has an item song. She kicks the asses of all the other item songs ever- Munni, Sheela, Fevicol, Babli etc. This is how it is done.
The songs are awesome.

Please do watch it!!! Must watch!!!


Rahul said...

movie's star cast,location and music is awesome, good acted by ranbeer,deepika and aditya. but it lacks in story line.

Buls said...

Very true...

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