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I did not catch this flick in the theatre even though I loved the 'original' Aashiqui and was a fan of Rahul Roy (yep... I have watched ALL his movies) and Anu Agarwal (until I got to see her breast in one of the movies- it has Jaya Prada and Jeetendra... I think that was also her last... or was it King Uncle?). 

I haven't really watched any flicks of Aditya Roy Kapoor (except the recent YJHD) or Shradha Kapoor (except- Luv ka the end which is a copy of John Tucker must die). 

I downloaded the movie and finally watched it today. For such intense emotional flicks you need to find the right time... no disturbance should be around. 

I don't understand why it is called "part 2". Were the makers scared that the crowds will not come in and so decided to piggy back on the original? That is weird 'coz they generally work with newcomers. It is same as the original that Aditya is a loser musician who drinks his money away... he is past caring about his career... he discovers Shradha singing in a bar and decides to make her a successful singer. Thats where the similarity ends. Aditya is a self destructive man.. he is not looking for anything and nothing makes him happy... not drinking, money, music or even Shradha's love for him. Shradha is a complete doormat... taking all his insults and torture with the same expression. I was trying not to judge... after all it is a Bhatt production... it will have little to do with reality. 

The end is a little dramatic where Aditya realizes that he cannot change... and is an obstacle in Shradha's life. He kills himself. 
Weird, right? I mean... right now the love stories are either realistic or Karan Johar/Aditya Chopra types. This is the only recent flick which is like the 80s or 90s where realism was not part of it... In that sense, I like it. It is different from the usual fare. It is about being in love for love's sake. 
Aditya is good... a little raw but much better than accomplished stars like SRK, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan etc. I am not kidding.... 'Stars' never stop being who they are... no matter the role. So, they would have hammed their way through this role. 
Shradha has one expression throughout but she can act. I guess it will come with more experience. Atleast she does not look 'unreal'. 

All in all, I liked the movie. But, I would not watch it in the theatre. 3 hours of only romance and that too rona dhona kinds is a bit much. On my DVD player, its ok. 

As for the music, I have not downloaded the songs... 'coz they are too slow and nothing new. I would have expected 'Aashiqui 2' to have mind blowing songs. They just left me cold. 

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