I watched this flick today... after KC's review that its good.
What pulled me in -
- Arjun Kapoor
- Gurgaon

In the first 20 mins of the movie all the characters are introduced. I was happy with the fast pace since it works well in crime thrillers. The story is about 2 families- one of cops and another of criminals. Arjun Kapoor is in a double role... 1 is in cop family and another in criminals' family. 1 is exchanged with another to bring the criminals' downfall. Unfortunately, everyone is involved in criminal activities.
The 1st half is fast paced and very good. The 2nd half goes into typical 'Bollywood' territory... too many emotions... too many people killing each other...

I was so bored in the 2nd half. This movie had the potential to be something very good but... its not.

Arjun Kapoor is good... Rishi Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Amrita Singh are all awesome and so wonderful to watch.
The actress Sashaa Agha (Salma Agha's daughter) cannot act too well... She looks very, very young... you can still see the baby fat on her face. She keep turning her head to a weird angle like she is trying to hide a double chin. But atleast she is a new kid on the block... better than seeing the regular heroines.
Prithviraj is also quite good.

Please avoid this movie... despite the good actors, its boring in the 2nd half.


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