Chennai Express

This is one movie I wish I hadn't watched. It is going to give me nightmares tonight. Thankfully, I didn't watch it in the theatre. I was determined not to watch it in theatre.

I know Rohit Shetty makes crap movies (I am not a fan) but this is crappiest of all the crap. The whole story is stupid but then that is expected of Rohit. It begins with Shahrukh being unmarried at 40 'coz of his grandpa. Seriously??? Is he a virgin too in the flick? After his grandpa's death, he is given the task of immersing the ashes in Rameshwaram. Except, he has plans of going to Goa and immersing the ashes there. He meets Deepika on the train who is running away from her cousin brothers 'coz her dad is forcing her to marry some ugly guy. Shahrukh tries to help her (why???)... to cut a looooonnnnngggg story short... she pretends to her father that they are in love... they elope... they actually fall in love... Shahrukh confronts her father... gets beaten up... beats up... wins the lady love.

Shahrukh hams it up like its his last movie (he really should retire now) while Deepika is super good in her Tamil accent.

If you haven't yet contributed to the 200 cr, please avoid. It is super duper crap.

One star is only for Deepika's accent.


AsheX said...

Second star because Deepika is hot (as always) :D

Buls said...

Lol... thats her job. 1 star is enough for the accent and hotness.

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