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We could not get tickets for this flick last night and had to watch it today. Even though we bought tickets yesterday, we got 2nd row seats. It is running to packed houses. I am not surprised... there is always an audience for a good movie.

The story is based on the Sri Lankan civil war which led to Rajiv Gandhi's assassination. A very bold and gutsy topic. After all, how many of our and next generation remember the Sri Lankan civil war? The topic is very complex but Shoojit Sircar (director) has ensured that everyone understands what is being said/shown. There is no confusion or the feeling of 'whats going on'. It is a difficult task and he has done full justice to it.

Also, getting people like Nargis Fakhri and John Abraham to act is a big deal. There are few dialogues... most of it is narration by John. The best part- there are no songs. Don't get me wrong... I like movies like Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Aashiqui with 10 songs in 3 hours... but I hate forced songs. 
The movie runtime is 2.5 hours (maybe even less if you remove interval) and so the topic does not seem boring. 

Loved it!!! All the actors have done a great job. This is one movie you should not miss. But... try not to take your kids along... they won't understand it. 

I think John is very smart to produce a movie like this. After all, who else will let him play the lead. 


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