I downloaded this movie and watched it finally.
I had not read very good reviews when it released in the theatres. I like Sudhir Mishra movies... they have something different which is always welcome.

Inkaar revolves around sexual harassment in the workplace. It is a daring topic and any other film maker would have ventured into the ridiculous territory with this one.

The movie starts off with Chitragandha accusing Arjun Rampal of sexual harassment. It then moves into flashback with both of them giving their views on what happened. Maya (Chitragandha) is recruited by Arjun in his ad agency as a copywriter. They both have a steamy affair and she breaks it off when he cheats on her with a model. She moves to Delhi and moves her way up the ladder. When she moves back to Mumbai few years later, she is promoted as the National Creative Director and Arjun is her boss. They have ego clashes which ultimately moves into the sexual harassment area. 

I think the whole issue is shown in a real manner. What is harassment? How do you define boundaries? I think any one person can define those- man or woman. Whoever becomes uncomfortable can claim 'harassment'. For example, if someone keeps his hand on my shoulder at work. I don't like it. I make it clear to him I don't like it. He continues with it. I can complain against him.

It is a tricky thing at work... specially in India. Unless you complain to a committee, matters will generally be hushed up. Nobody wants to rock the boat even if it means losing a deserving employee. Most women keep their mouth shut and suffer. Those who do complain (at the risk of their career/jobs) do get a fair deal. I am talking through experience.

The actors are very good... balancing the complicated emotions. Songs are good too. The end is a little unreal but considering the options, this is the best end Sudhir could have given it.
I liked it... must watch.


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