Fruitvale Station

I watched this movie on Wednesday on the flight. I had downloaded it weeks back but could not find the time to watch it.

The movie is about a 22 year old guy- Oscar Grant (played by Michael Jordan) and his last day before he gets shot and dies. It is 31st December 2008 and the movie starts with Oscar's day. We get to know that he had cheated on his girlfriend - Sophina, played by Melonie Diaz. They have a daughter together but are not married. Oscar is also a drug dealer and has been in prison earlier and decides to turn over a new leaf. He lost his job at a store 2 weeks back for coming late and had not told Sophina. He loves his mother (played by Octavia Spencer) very much. But he loves his daughter the most and is a very good father.

His gf and he go out on 31st Dec to celebrate with friends. Oscar gets into a fight on the metro rail, the cops come to arrest them and Oscar gets accidentally shot.

I like how the movie does not dramatize the incident. Oscar was not a very good guy... not by my definition but he was not a very bad guy either. He loved his mother, gf and daughter. He dealt in drugs but wanted to turn over a new leaf. It has been made in a different manner. I have not seen any movie where we see the last day of someone's life.

I liked it... but would not watch it in the theatre. It is good but not great.
Worth a watch once!!!


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