The Fifth Estate

This movie has been on my 'watch' list for quite sometime. I finally took out the time today. The movie is about Julian Assange and his website wikileaks which leaks news. There was a time when I kept reading about Julian in the newspapers but did not know too much. The movie is not based on unauthorised books written on him. He is not shown in a good light in the movie. Why are most American movies so critical of people??? Even Social Network showed Mark in a completely negative light. Everyone has their faults... they must have some positive qualities to have created something so great.

Julian was working with Daniel on wikileaks. After sometime problems started creeping in... eventually, Daniel left and Julian even said that working with him was a mistake.
I will not get into the details of the story... it is about wikileaks and the many leaks made. The most important being those of USA military which created a huge controversy.

All the actors are good but Benedict Cumberbatch is awesome as Julian. Daniel Bruhl plays Daniel.
I enjoyed the movie about found it is quite biased against Assange.

If you know about wikileaks/Assange, this movie will not reveal anything new... but if you don't, it is an interesting flick.


anita menon said...

It has Benedict Cumberbatch! Now I will have to watch this. Thanks!

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