Anita kept recommending this movie... and I decided to watch it today. The print was quite good and I can imagine how great it would have been in the theatre.

The movie is not the usual animated story where everyone finds love in the end. Sure, everyone does find love and the villain is eliminated... but it is about the love between sisters and not just between lovers.

Elsa is a princess with the magic power to create snow and ice. She does not know how to control the power and ends up hurting her sister Anna. The trolls advice her parents to teach her to control it else it will create destruction. They lock her up in a room and keep her away from everyone. While on a journey they pass away and Elsa is crowned the queen. She has a fight with Anna and runs away... leaving destruction in the wake... in the form of ice and extreme winter. Anna, accompanied by a poor guy and his reindeer, goes in search of her. In the end, they reconcile... save the kingdom... Anna finds her true love... and bring summer back.

I liked the movie... don't know how great the print was in 3D. I am not very fond of 3D... the technology needs improvement. I generally avoid it.

A good flick... kids will love it.


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