Shaadi ke Side Effects

The only reasons I watched this flick were Vidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar. I loved Pyaar ke Side Effects... it was funny, realistic and the cast was quite good. Shaadi ke Side Effects with Vidya and Farhan could only have taken it forward. Unfortunately not.

The movie is from the point of view of Farhan... which means it should show him in a good light and Vidya in a bad light. Actually, the opposite is shown. Farhan comes across as a confused, creepy, uncaring father/husband while Vidya seems like a sensible person who trusts him blindly. According to me, that is. There is a scene where Vidya expresses her wish to stop working permanently and take care of the child. Farhan is not happy because expenses have increased and he does not want to be the sole earner. Instead of telling Vidya how he feels... he agrees to what she wants and then cribs about it. Isn't marriage about communication??? Specially when it comes to such major decisions? Instead of being realistic... the movie shows Farhan living a separate life... he actually starts living in another house few days in a week. How realistic is that? Doesn't staying separately cost money??? Specially in Mumbai?

Avoid... completely. Giving 1 star for Vidya's character.


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