Main Tera Hero

Reasons not to watch the movie:
- Its called 'Main Tera Hero'
- Directed by David Dhawan... I have never watched his movies in a theatre... they are bearable only on TV
- Does not star Govinda or Salman
- Stars Varun Dhawan... he does not yet have the star power to pull in audiences for his solo. Atleast strong heroine chahiye thi
- Bad music

I have been reading good reviews about the movie and downloaded it. Within 30 mins, I decided to play Farm Heroes instead. That would be a better use of my weekend.
I am sure the script is total David Dhawan... I liked Arunoday as the villain... liked Illena as the heroine... Varun does not ham which is quite good BUT he does not have the confidence of Govinda and Salman. I could imagine them in each scene.


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