I watched this flick yesterday after reading many good reviews.

The movie stars Jon Favreau who has also written, co-produced and directed the film. It is about a Chef who works in a restaurant. He is divorced with a son and dating the hostess (Scarlett Johansson) at the restaurant. On one of the days a reviewer (Oliver Pratt) comes to the restaurant to review the food and even though Chef wants to cook him something new and different, the owner of the restaurant (Dustin Hoffman) asks him to stick to what is popular, tried and tested. Of course, he gets a bad review and manages to start a fight with the reviewer on twitter which leads to his yelling at him in the restaurant. He is fired and becomes a youtube sensation, not in a good way.

His ex wife (Sofia Vergara) persuades him to join her on a trip to Miami so he can bond with their son and spend more time with him. Inspired by the Cuban sandwiches, Chef decides to open up a food truck. His ex- wife's ex husband (Robert Downey Jr) lends him an old and dilapidated truck which is re-furbished by Chef and his son. One of this old team mates from the restaurant also joins him. They decide to drive from Miami to LA in the truck. On the way they sell sandwiches at Texas and New Orleans drawing crowds since twitter is used as an effective marketing tool. In the end predictably, the reviewer decides to find a restaurant for Chef... he re-marries his ex-wife and all is well.

I liked the movie. Reading the reviews, I had expected a different movie... something on the lines of Julie and Julia but what I got instead was a predictable movie full of cliches. But, I enjoyed it. There was never a dull moment and a joy  ride throughout.
Worth a watch!!!


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